Sunday, August 2, 2015

A new nice step! Now more than 9.000 references in logsearch !

Just find that we reached the 9.000th reference in our data base: WWFF logsearch.
And it grows every day ! 

Also we have :

Thanks to our activators for their hard work !
Hope we can collect old logs from different part of world.

 Pit   YO3JW 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Well-deserved thumbs up to VKFF

Last week Paul VK5PAS was awarded with the first Certificate of Excellence for participating national programs.  Congratulations Paul!

Through his efforts in the last 2 years Paul managed to create a very lively flora and fauna program in VK with a lot of activity. Detailed information about VKFF can be found on the comprehensive VKFF website.
Apart from that Paul set up a forum on Yahoo where you can keep in touch with (other) VKFF chasers and activators.

Barry VK5BW hands Paul the award

Our award manager Pit YO3JW managed to get the award as a surprise to Paul during a meeting of the AHARS with the help of Nick VK3ANL and Barry VK5BW.

You can find Paul's own recount of the event on his blog

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Soon will be 2015's GreenParty
There are some new as exchanged figures!
Any support for trophies?
Hope to meet you from field or from home....
Also during GreenParty you can look for 
Suport from SP9YFF team

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5 million QSOs in WWFF Logsearch

5 000 000  QSOs !
New milestone reached few days ago. 
It is time to say again: Thank you ! to all our participants in WWFF activities. Activators, Hunters, National coordinators, also for you who read this info!  Each of you put a small piece in this "building".

As I saw in bands it is just a life style now for many of us. Watching, prepare for departure to protected areas, hunting for activators, request awards for your results. It happens every day. 

It is my honor to show this "Certificat" for QSO  No.5,000,000 made by YU1CA/p with UA3BM in 1st May 2015 in 20m SSB
You can download it from "left"


Work to collect historic logs continues parallel to the "normal operation" where validated logs of current operations are uploaded to the WWFF database by the local coordinators. 
If you think a log is still missing or you possess an activity log, please contact your local coordinator (list can be found here).

73 Pit YO3JW

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas !




Sunday, November 30, 2014


A year ago, in November 2013, we launched the first awards from the WWFF Logsearch platform developed by Andrew M0YMA
At this moment a dozen national programs use the Logsearch functionality for the application of national awards. 

We have also added several WWFF global awards.
In the mean time hundreds of awards have been released to both activators and chasers.

The development of the platform and the awards continues. We are about to add two new awards:
- EUFF: a chaser award for working protected areas in Europe.
- An annual "top activator" award for those activators that are in the top 44 with a minimum of 2000 QSOs from at least 3 different activated protected areas 
For 2014 we will use the existing ranking of the Logsearch database at 31.12.2014. 
In 2015 we plan to split the award in an individual and team award. 

Please upload your logs before 31th December 2015 !

We hope that our activators continue to participate in our program and thank them for their efforts!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

YP1WFF/p in the Danube Delta YOFF – 021

Cris YO3LW shared with us a nice story about his activity with Bord YO3DP at YOFF-021

More than 15 years ago, a wise man (Radu Bratu – YO4HW) told me: “try to learn CW as good as you can…each contact will be pride and joy to you”. 

I accepted the invitation made by my father Victor (ex YO3GXO) and one of this best friends George to spend few days at “Happy Pike” Holiday Village. This is located at: N 44°59’13.8’’ E 29°08’30.8’’, according to our GPS system, somewhere into the wildness of Danube Delta. 

The one I wanted to share with this experience was my former ham radio Elmer (Bord – YO3DP). Therefore, we carefully prepared the equipment including the Yaesu FT 990 RIG, a EZ-Wire 16.2m like antenna, Laptop with N1MM and other useless things …better to have it. 

To reach “Happy Pike” you have to travel up to Plopu village via Murighiol, then turn to “Pub’s street” and drive around 5Km on a country road. As soon as we arrived I started installing the wire antenna, E-W oriented, having full support from host. 

We have just arrived
“Happy Pike” two houses can be seen
We decided to operate during the day within a sort of reed made pavilion covered with mosquito net. Definitely, we thought, that will be a hard battle mankind vs local flying fauna. Thus, after a short boat trip to Soschi Lake we were QRV in the 20m band CQ-ing in CW. 

YO3LW installing the equipment
Beside the quietness of the band (noise around S2) I was surprised by the pile-up created just after 10 minutes of calling. I forgot to tell you….using such antenna is really fun, however do not forget to bring your RF choke balun with you. 

Hours are passing …pile-up is growing…the sunset is coming. What a pleasure to activate from such a gorgeous place! 

YO3LW operating during the evening
Slowly, mosquitoes have started buzzing and spinning around my head. We are on their territory, but doesn’t matter…only Coulombs are running through my veins. I figure out…they operate MULTI-MULTI, since I am SINGLE-OP only…that’s not fair! 

We can conquer their territory even if I am shouting “Tora, Tora, Tora”…still few stations are calling. 

At the end of the day “we lost the battle….” in the 40m band…but the war was far from being over. 

Therefore, three days in a row we pursued to contact as many stations as possible. The expedition ended with 486 QSOs in CW and only one in SSB. Thanks to all stations for contacting us and looking forwards to hear you soon from the same place. 

Best 73 de good DX, Cris – YO3LW and Bord – YO3DP. 

Below you can find some more pictures of this activity. Stories of other activities from YOFF can be found here: (use the translation link to translate the stories into your preferred language).

My father Victor (ex YO3GXO) assisting to the startup QSO session

My former Elmer Bord (YO3DP) enjoying the radio
From left to right YO3GXO, YO3DP and George

The setup

On the way to Soschi Lake

Monday, August 18, 2014

2014 GreenParty results

           Hi All
      It is my pleasure to inform that finally the 2014 GreenParty results are ready for you!

      Thanks for your participation and logs. Hope in 2015 we will be again ready for an other GreenParty
           Please note the "NEW" !
                 Pit  YO3JW

Over 5.500 references in data base!

Just find that our data base have over 5.500 references in WWFF logsearch.
Thanks to our activators for their hard work !
Pit   YO3JW

Thursday, July 3, 2014

4 million QSOs in WWFF Logsearch

LY1CM/p and HB9BIN awarded for reaching this new milestone
 At the beginning of last year we started with the development of a new log search platform for WWFF
It went live on February 16, 2013. 
With the effort of a lot of enthusiastic OMs - local coordinators, activators and chasers - we have now collected and made available 4,000,000 valid flora and fauna QSOs.
To celebrate this new milestone Pit YO3JW developed an award for QSO no. 4 ,000,000 in the WWFF database: 
a QSO between LY1CM/p and HB9BIN (see left).

Work to collect historic logs continues parallel to the "normal operation" where validated logs of current operations are uploaded to the WWFF database by the local coordinators. 

If you think a log is still missing or you possess an activity log, please contact your local coordinator (list can be found here).

QSO was in 2010-09-18  UTC 08:02              LY1CM/P – HB9BIN from LYFF-019
Thanks for upload this  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer tour in HAFF

News from the HAFF program: 

HA8DD/p Geza and HA8FY/p Zsolt will activate 10 HAFF areas, according to the following schedule:

  28.06.2014. (Saturday) 
                    HAFF-024 Kelet Mecsek TK (13:00-20:00 UTC)
  29.06.2014. (Sunday)
                    HAFF-033 Nyugat Mecsek TK (06:00-10:00 UTC)
                    HAFF-048 Zselic TK (14:00-20:00 UTC)
  30.06.2014. (Monday)
                    HAFF-013 Boronka melléki (06:00-10:00 UTC) 
                    HAFF-032 Mura menti TK (14:00-20:00 UTC)
  01.07.2014. (Tuesday)
                    HAFF-009 Őrségi NP (07:00-11:00 UTC)
                    HAFF-040 Somló TK (15:00-21:00 UTC)
  02.07.2014. (Wednesday)
                    HAFF-038 Sárréti TK (06:00-11:00 UTC)
                    HAFF-039 Sárvíz völgy TK (14:00-20:00 UTC)
  03.07.2014. (Thursday)
                    HAFF-016 Dél mezőföld TK (07:00-12:00 UTC)

The time in UTC are indicative and will depend on the activity and the traffic on the way to the next location.

They want to operate with two stations at the same time (FT-857 and FT-7B) with separate dipoles and verticals for 7 HF bands. The modes are CW, SSB and FM on 2 meter for emergency purpose. QSL via HA Bureau or direct via their QRZ.COM addresses.

HAFF program page is

Saturday, June 21, 2014

New WWFF activator award added

We are pleased to announce a new WWFF award aimed at activators working from different DXCC: the DXFF Activator Award.  The award has been designed by Pit YO3JW and coded into the WWFF LogSearch award application module by Andrew 2E0GFF.

Watch this space as there are more new awards currently under development both for hunters as well as for activators.

(note that for hunters YOFF already offers a global DXFF award for a number of years)

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Soon will be 2014's GreenParty
YOFF - FAUNA AND FLORA Romanian Program: GreenParty 2014
Hope to meet you from field or from home....


YOFF - FAUNA AND FLORA Romanian Program: Green...
Now is third edition of "GreenParty", with annual activity under the patronage of The Romanian Society of Radioamateurs (SRR). GREENPART...

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