WWFF logs

Information about activity logs for chasers, activators and coordinators

Until 2012 the flora and fauna programs were supported by a central database service that regretfully ceased operation at the end of that year. To replace it, the world wide flora and fauna community developed a new logsearch platform (that can be found here) and collected logs from activities dating back as far as the nineties.
The new LogSearch is maintained on two different locations so that availability problems should be prevented in the future.

Adding logs
In the new LogSearch logs are added by the national coordinators - making sure only validated activities are added. So if you are an activator, please send your activity log to the coordinator of the country you worked from. 
Logs from activities in DXCCs not represented in the current WWFF program can be sent to logs@wff-dl.de

If you are a coordinator and do not have upload privileges yet, contact Andrew M0YMA.

Missing logs
If you are a chaser and you miss logs from a certain national program please contact the national coordinator of that program - found in the members list.
If you are an activator and miss one or more of your activities, please send your logs to the national coordinator so he can upload them.
For activities that take or took place in DXCCs not represented in the WWFF program please contact either DL4BBH Friedrich, DF6EX Manfred or DL2VFR Enrico. Logs from these DXCCs can be sent to logs@wff-dl.de

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